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Banco Pichincha es la primera y única entidad financiera que ha emitido bonos verdes en el país por $150 millones. ¿Qué son? Lee una breve definición en #DiccionarioPichincha 🔍 y descubre para qué sirven en nuestro blog #HablemosEnConfianza.

Ecuador is on alert due to foreign fishing vessels approaching the Galapagos Islands: via @ecuavisa

Foreign fleets in this protected area has prompted a renewed search for regional solutions to reel in illegal fishing practices.

Horrible! This video from Spain 🇪🇸 shows the horrifying amount of plastic trash in the stomach of a small fish. Let’s beat plastic pollution!

Corruption bleeds billions of dollars from governments every year.

Money that can end up paying for lavish lifestyles or stashed away in bank accounts instead of being invested in public health and education.

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